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Anxiety is a general state of mind mostly living in modern life struggles, with the Corona pandemic it had a significant rise including me, so I made a list of natural ways to reduce the levels. ROSEMARY TEA Rosemary mostly lives in near Mediterranean climates and won't survive in long cold winters. Rosemary tea is high in antioxidants, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory compounds. Rosemary reduces stress and anxiety, reduces pain and inflammation, combats gastrointestinal stress and enhances memory. It may help to lower your blood sugar. It's a good way to combat obesity. Besides the tea, you can just inhale the plant which is also useful. Rosemary can make some negative interactions with anticoagulants, ACE inhibitors, diuretics, and lithium. HOW TO MAKE ROSEMARY TEA I personally put a 5-10 cm long fresh rosemary branch directly into the hot water with some honey/sugar and a lemon piece, waiting for 3-5 min. You can also use the dry leaves by steeping them for 5-10 minutes,
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Corona / Flue

Cistus Incanus (Rose Rock) TR: Laden Çiçeği Growing mainly in the Mediterranean line peninsula, Cistus Incanus is a strong antigen against viruses, flue and maybe also for the latest Corona Covid-19. Rose Rock Tea The tea can be made by 1gr. of dry leaves for daily use of the flower, brew the tea three times with an 85 C degree, not letting it boil a lot to lose ingredients. Plantago Lanceolata (Ribwort Plantain)   TR: Sinirli Otu Plantago lanceolata  can live anywhere from very dry meadows to places similar to a rain forest. For the way of brewing: Put 1 teaspoon of hot water for 1 cup, let it brew (do not boil the herb like tea on the stove) It may have some side-affects for pregnants.


Toothache - Natural care for teeth Most of human suffers from teeth oriented problems, in ancient times people used to die because of them, nowadays dentists cure most.. for a healthier teeth you can use those natural methods : Oil Pulling (whiten and care) Have you ever wondered why people from India has white bright teeth ? Yes, because they are doing oil pulling for ages.. You can use any vegetable based oil, but best coconut oil which has Vitamin E, oil absorbs the toxics, bacterias which causes problems in your mouth and stomach, take a spoon of oil in circulating and pulling about 15-20 min in your mouth , the oil will get larger with your saliva, spit it to the basket in the end. Clove (care and cure ache) Toothache mostly occurs in night time and can kill our sleep, clove as an antiseptic containing eugenol can anesthetize the tooth nerves, at least for a while.. It also fights bacterias causing problems. You can either use clove seeds or clove oil, oil w


Headache is a general rapid problem we suffer in our daily life, due to stress-overwork, external effects like alchohol, loud sound etc. Here are some ways to avaid headache : Mustard Seeds : Try to find organic mustard seeds, mustard seeds have many healing affects to many things but also headache, especially migraine.. You can consume mustards seeds best by directly eating them raw, may sound bitter but its the best way to keep the nutrients alive. If you want to avoid bitter taste: dry the seeds in sun light, and avoid interacting with water, crash the seeds with a grinder, add some lemon juice and mix, after wrap them with a banana leaf or fresh corn leaf, and put next to an indirect heat (like furnace, heater) after 3-5 days it will be ready with less bitter taste, you can use it with meals. You can also use the seeds mixing with honey. Thyme Oil :  Massage some thyme oil on your headache point and wait about 30 min. without washing or if you have an ache